CPC Biocon LLC primary task is to ensure safe operation of the Logistics Centre.

To this end, engineering and technical systems are implemented and reliably operate.

  • CCTV monitoring;
  • alarm, security, and fire alarm;
  • access control;
  • console monitoring;
  • fire-extinguishing system;
  • temperature control (with SMS notifications);
  • air control conditioning and ventilation;
  • electricity, water, and gas supply.

Fire protection systems include automatic fire alarm, automatic fire suppression system, smoke protection system, fire-extinguishing system and evacuation system, and a water supply system for fire protection.

All these systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both specialized companies and trained experts of the centre perform routine systems maintenance.

Physical security of the complex and access control are provided by the security personnel of the company under contracts as well as by CPC Biocon LLC employees.

An “alarm button” for operational interaction with law enforcement agencies (Security Police Department of Boryspil) has been installed.

In order to prevent the occurrence and development of emergencies, rapidly response, and deal with their consequences, a number of regulatory documents (orders, SOPs, regulations, instructions, alert schemes, procedures for interaction with emergency services and partner companies) have been developed.

In case of of extraordinary situations has been developed plan on refinement of the priority actions algorithm and in accordance with this plan regular trainings are conducted.

Systematic training is conducted with the security staff and warehouse volunteer fire department. Together with the representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan and practical skills of using primary fire extinguishing equipment are worked out annually. (Systematic training sessions are held with the CPC Biocon LLC staff and representatives of the tenant companies. This implies refinement of actions of the facility staff under emergency conditions. Evacuation, mitigation of the accident consequences, and fire extinguishing techniques. Warehouse volunteer fire department members are involved to conduct practical classes. Classes are conducted jointly with the departments of the Ukrainian SESU in Kyiv and Kyiv Region. The contract for the obligatory provision of services to CPC Biocon LLC by the 5th state fire and rescue detachment of the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in Kyiv Region has been signed.

Key areas to ensure safe operation of the Logistics Centre are:

  • human resources policy and experts training;
  • improvement of own corporate developments, review of partner recommendations companies related to safety issues for the purpose of adapting and introducing them by the centre;
  • equipping all cycles of warehouse operations and security activities;
  • introduction of software developments to improve speed and minimize risk;
  • occupational safety, fire safety;
  • organization of performance control.

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